Benefits of Self Tapping



Do It Yourself

This Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) is a relaxation method simple enough for anyone to do. If you or somebody you know has escaped war like Blob in the film and don't have access to therapy yet, this tapping is something  you can learn quickly and do on your own. It has been shown to achieve relaxation for emotional and post-traumatic stress responses.


Proven Results

This technique has been used in Rwanda and Congo since 2007 with thousands of survivors of traumatic experiences. Check out our Testimonials page to see what world renouned therapists are saying about Trauma Tapping Technique, and our Press page to see who's talking about tapping in the news. This is no magic, it will not make memories disappear, but it can lessen the emotional response. 

Passing Language Barriers

There is no need for any spoken intervention with this technique. This means you can teach it to somebody without the need of a translator. Simply have them watch the video, give them the hand out, or mime the motions for them as they do it for themselves.  


Ethically Safe

Language barriers aside, the Trauma Tapping Technique provides relaxation without having to talk about sensitive issues. Think lightly about what's bothering you (or ask the person you're teaching the method to to think about what's bothering them) and begin the tapping. Continue until calmer. 


Easy to share

This technique is easy to remember. Once you've learned the motions you can share it with others. If you have trouble remembering the steps, you can always watch to the video, visit this website or reference the print out. This is technique has been spread quickly in large groups such as refugee camps and communities - maybe yours?


Zero Cost

Sometimes a simple intervention at no cost can prove helpful. All you need are your fingertips and 10 minutes, that's it. You can tap alone or tap a friend or loved one, 100% free. Every bit of relaxation will help resolve yesterday.

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