You can resolve trauma

The effects of emotional and post-traumatic stress are debilitating and invisible, but they can be diminished and sometimes even resolved in a short time with a simple and efficient self-regulation technique called tapping. The Trauma Tapping Technique is a proven self-help method for relaxing emotional stress that you can perform while waiting for professional help. Help somebody else find it. The movie above is made for refugees, and can be used by anyone.

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Self Tapping Step-By-Step

Think lightly about whatever bothers you, and tap firmly and rhythmically, approximately 15 times on each point shown below using two fingers, at a fairly fast rate. Take two deep breaths, relax and repeat the whole sequence on the opposite side. Take two deep breaths and relax again when done.  Repeat until calm. 


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Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) is is a first aid, self-help technique that has proven helpful in calming emotional responses related to stress and traumatic experiences.  While it has been an effective first aid treatment for many people experiencing different kinds of trauma, it is not intended to replace professional help or psychotherapy.


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